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School Author Presentations and Workshops

Timothy Young presents to 2nd grade students

As well as being the author/illustrator of 16 published books, Timothy Young has been a toy designer, illustrator, sculptor, puppet maker, and graphic designer. Highlights of his career include building animation models for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, making Muppets for The Jim Henson Hour and creating toys such as the Chicken Fight pool game. His work has been seen on television, in major magazines and on toy shelves worldwide. He majored in illustration at Pratt Institute and has over 30 years experience as a professional artist. He would be excited to come to your school for assemblies, classroom, library, and art room presentations and workshops. He can tailor his visits for students from pre-school through high school, with readings, discussions, drawing demonstrations and interactive activities.

Tim has visited hundreds of schools and libraries. He’s appeared onstage at book festivals, conferences and was the keynote speaker at the Maryland Association of School Librarians Black-Eyed Susan Awards ceremony in 2013. As a picture book author/illustrator, most of his assemblies have been for elementary schools, but he has also done workshops and talks with middle and high school students about the process of putting together a picture book and about creative careers.

Timothy Young presents in a middle school gym in Elko, Nevada
Timothy Young presents in a middle school gym in Elko, Nevada

Elementary school assemblies are usually scheduled as:

     • A 30 to 45 minute presentation with kindergarten and 1st-grade classes.

     • A 45 min. to 1 hour presentation with the 2nd and 3rd graders.

     • A 45 min. to 1 hour presentation with the 4th and 5th grade classes.

     • Due to scheduling, some schools opt for 2 assemblies; K-2 and 3rd-5th grades.

Each assembly is geared towards the appropriate grade levels. An assembly usually consists of book readings, then a question and answer period which flows into a drawing demonstration. Each presentation is unique as they are student driven based on the questions they ask. Tim often works with students to create a brand new character, explaining the process of using your imagination to guide their drawings. He then does an interactive drawing lesson in which the students provide scribbles on a white board which Tim then uses to “discover” creatures and characters hidden in them. He also brings samples of toys and other things he’s designed throughout his career.

Timothy Young presents in a elementary school in New Jersey

Contact us for prices. We try to keep our costs within a school’s budget. Discounts are available for multiple school visits in the same area over consecutive days.

All the school needs to provide is an LCD projector and screen or a smart board. (If a school does not have one, a program can still be presented). We’re always happy to tailor a program to fit your students and schedule.

If you don’t have a local bookseller to work with we can handle book sales. A PDF pre-order form, with specific details about the visit, is provided. It can be emailed or printed and sent home with the students. There is no minimum book order requirement. Tim signs the books ahead of time and brings them with him. He always draws a picture in each signed book. Tim is available throughout the year and can even make room in his schedule on short notice. Email us for details.

A student scribbles for a fun art lesson.

Tim also does in-class workshops, after school programs, evening literacy night presentations as well as public library programs and special book events. He has presented at librarian and bookseller conferences and many other venues. 

He has covered topics including:

     • Writing and Illustrating Books

     • Creating Unique Creatures and Characters

     • Storyboarding

     • Creative Careers

     • The History of Children’s Book Illustration

Please contact us, we’d be happy to create a program that suites your particular needs.

Please contact us to book Timothy Young for a school visit or to hire him for freelance or commissioned art.

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