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Just One Thing!

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Just One Thing! is written by Nancy Viau and illustrated by Timothy Young.

Every child about to enter middle school will be able to relate to this heart-warming, funny story. Anthony Pantaloni needs to figure out one thing he does well—one thing that will replace the Antsy Pants nickname he got tagged with on the first day of fifth grade, one good thing he can “own” before moving up to middle school next year. It seems that every kid at Carpenter Elementary has a claim to fame: Marcus is Mr. Athletic, Alexis is Smart Aleck, Bethany has her horse obsession, and even Cory is known as the toughest kid in the school. Ant tries lots of things, but nothing sticks! It doesn’t help that there are obstacles along the way—a baton-twirling teacher, an annoying cousin, and Dad’s new girlfriend, to name a few. Just One Thing! is chock full of hilarious adventures that will keep young readers cheering until the very end.

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Just One Thing! is published by Schiffer Publishing.
ISBN: 9780764351624
Size: 6 ” x 9″
Illustrations: 63 b/w illustrations
Pages: 144
Published: Sept 2016
Binding: Hard Cover
Ages 8 to 12

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