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I'm Going To Outher Space!

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It’s almost time for bed, but Luis is staring out the window at the starry night sky. Any minute now, he’s expecting a space ship to pick him up and whisk him to outer space. While he waits, he imagines the strange creatures he’ll encounter. Will he find a robot pal? Will he get to fly though space with a rocket-pack? Will he meet . . . aliens? Get lost in outer space as you pore over pages filled with dozens and dozens of robots and aliens (some new and some that might be familiar). Join Luis to find out all the incredible things he expects to see and do on his daring journey to a distant planet.

I’m Going To Outer Space! is a 2018 winner of a Family Choice Award.

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I’m Going To Outer Space! is published by Schiffer Publishing.
ISBN: 978-0764353857
Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″
Pages: 32
17 color images
Availability: 2017
Binding: Hard Cover

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