I'm Looking For A Monster

Shadows On My Wall

They're Coming!

I Hate Picture Books!

The Angry Little Puffin

Am I BIG Enough?

Just One Thing!

Do Not Open The Box!

I'm Going To Outer Space!

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I'm Looking For A Monster was the first book published by Author/ Illustrator (and Pop-Up engineer) Timothy Young. Random House published it in 2008 and it won a design award from the Bookbinders Guild of New York.

The book is currently out-of-print. Copies can still be found online.

ISBN: 978-0-375-84416-4




MONSTERS are popping up all over the place! But not just any monster will do-no, sir! Lift the flaps, turn the wheel, and pull the tabs to find the PERFECT monster.
Who knows? Maybe the perfect monster is looking for YOU!




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