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Here's what some of the authors and illustrators whose books are scattered
throughout I HATE PICTURE BOOKS! are saying.

"Timothy Young's picture books make readers smile and outright laugh, and his new story I HATE PICTURE BOOKS is no different. What's different is the visual explosion of classic and modern picture book images that Young surprises readers with on every page. What a thrill to see my picture book THIS TREE COUNTS! included in the fun!"

Alison Formento, author of This Tree Counts, These Bees Count, These Seas Count


I Hate Picture Books' is terrible — the worst book I ever read! I can't wait to read it again!

Lee Harper, author/illustrator of Snow, Snow Snow and The Emperor's Cool Clothes, illustrator of Turkey Trouble, Turkey Claus, Woolbur and many others.


"Timothy Young's I HATE PICTURE BOOKS is a fabulous, entertaining homage to illustrated children's books. Even those whose heads spin from the Where's Waldo genre will have great fun poring over each illustration, looking for covers of their favorite books."

Audrey Glassman Vernick, author of Is Your Buffalo Ready For Kindergarten?, Teach Your Buffalo To Play Drums, Brothers At Bat, So You Want To Be A Rock Star? and many others


I LOVE I HATE PICTURE BOOKS! (Sounds like I’m being indecisive, but I’m not.) Great message, great fun, GREAT book!

Ame Dyckman, author of Boy + Bot


"I HATE PICTURE BOOKS" will make you hate to love to hate picture books! I think. Whatever- it's awesome!

Tiffany Strelitz Haber, author of The Monster Who Lost His Mean


"I Hate Picture Books! is a howlingly funny and tender tribute to classic picture books (and some classics-to-be) and a paean to a child's imagination. It's destined to take its rightful place alongside the great picture books showcased therein. Who knew that hate could be soooo lovable!"

Artie Bennett, author of The Butt Book and Poopendous!

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The NY Journal Of Books:

The premise of I Hate Picture Books! is quite charming and can easily whisk children and their parents back to a kinder, gentler time when picture books were the national pastime in family households. The idea of a youngster throwing a tantrum because his picture books have lost their magic then suddenly realizing he doesn't want to part with his favorite picture book after all is absolutely adorable.

Read the Full Review Here:



Kid Lt Reviews:

I HATE Picture Books! is truly, a book that will become a classic. Outrageously funny and and handsomely produced, I think I HATE Picture Books! is Timothy Young's best picture book to date. Kids of all ages will love I HATE Picture Books! Who does not love a good picture book? Not me! How about you? Or, do you HATE picture books?

Read the full review here:

I Hate Picture Books! made Kid Lit Reviews Top 10 for 2013!



Friends of the Rochester Public Library blog:

I Hate Picture Books by Timothy Young is simply the best picture book I've read in years!...This book had me laughing out loud, and even giggling later that evening when I was reflecting back on pieces of the story. Unable to help myself, I called my 8 year old down to read it with me. He not only recognized every book referenced in this story, but he got more than a few surges of the giggles. But I knew had a hit when I decided to read it at dinner to my husband and 17 year old daughter. When you can make "the teenager" laugh, then you know you've done something pretty special…and that's exactly what Timothy Young has done! He had all four of us – including "the teenager" – grinning from ear to ear!

Read the full review here:



Midwest Book Review:

Everyone remembers their picturebooks, but Max wants to be done with them. "I Hate Picture Books!" is a humorous look at picturebooks with parody and love for young readers as Max thinks he outgrows his beloved picturebooks, hating their stories and the advice he finds within them. As he regrets his decision to throw them out, he learns much about imagination. "I Hate Picture Books!" is a fine treasure of knowledge, very much recommended.



Cozy Little Book Journal blog:

I can't think of a single bad thing to say about this book so here are ten awesome things about it:
1 - It's funny (soooo cute!)
2 - It promotes a love of books (the character doesn't "hate picture books" after all)
3 - It's adorable (see #1)
4 - My whole family loved it (which means my daughter and her dad)
5 - It has fantastic illustrations, including tonnes of pictures of other picture books...

Read the rest of the review here:



Hope Hunter, Lucy W. James Elementary, Missouri:

I loved this book! Students will definitely connect with the popular children's books highlighted in this book. I not only plan on buying several copies for the library, but will incorporate it into my curriculum!


What is Laura Zych of the Fairfax County Library saying about "I Hate Picture Books?

"I'm sorry I don't write a blog, but I do talk to a LOT of really great real live customers/patrons at the library I work in! ... I think this book is going to be one of the "go-to" bed time books for children. What a great idea for a book!! I had the best time reading the book and looking at all the books that were depicted in the pages and remembering all the great times during my life reading all of them (to my children and myself!). I think children will get a thrill remembering all the books, too. The more they read this book the more they will see. I can already hear the children say, "Again, Mommy (or Daddy)!! Again!" I will definitely be recommending this book to parents, though to be honest, I don't think I will have to very often as I think word will get out very quickly about how good this is! Thank you again for such a great book."


Miss Tiff Reads

" I think this book would work very well in story time with its vivid pictures and short text, plus most readers are going to see what's really going on here and love it. I recommend this to every library-school, public and what not-to remind readers that picture books are always a pleasure. Happy Reading!"

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Carolyn Roys' Reviews:

"I believe this will be one of the favorite books of the year. ...This book comes out soon and I think it is a MUST for elementary libraries and parents with young kids. Well done!"

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4 Kids 4 Teens 4 Tweens Blog

What can I say… WoW!!!! I absolutely LOVED this book. Read this with your youngster, it will bring back memories!

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My R and R Space blog

My little girl enjoyed this book – she is almost seven....was very excited that the book bag she has brought in from school this week is a book that is mentioned in ‘I Hate Picture Books’! My ten-year old loved how the illustrations were done and enjoyed remembering the books he read earlier. I loved reading it to them and enjoyed how the author got into how kids of a certain age will feel about picture books (and I sincerely hope they will turn around and start enjoying picture books again if they feel they have outgrown them).

Overall, a great read. A must for elementary school age kids and kids of all ages!

Read the whole review here. (scroll down below the Superman review)

The Late Bloomers Book Blog

Simply put, I LOVED this book. Everyone that loves picture books will love it too.

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Jessy's Bookends

I find this book to be the cutest thing....From beginning to end, I had a big grin on my face. Timothy Young's picture books are rhythmic and enjoyable.

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Moonshine Artspot

This book will for sure be cherished for years to come.... The book is so precious & delightful. I read it with my 7 year old son & we both loved the story.

Read the full review here.



Sharon the Librarian Blog

The humor and the love for picturebooks found through out this short book made this book lover smile. I highly recommend I Hate Picture Books! to readers of all ages. Anyone that enjoys picture books on any level, will find enjoyment in this book.

Read the full review here.



Peter's Ponderings blog

I really enjoyed this. It's short, but well illustrated. I could pick out several favorite picture books throughout this book, which made it more enjoyable... It reminds us of the silliness of those books, but also the things that make us love them.

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Little Lovely Books blog

The illustrations (by the author himself) were really, really good and so appropriate for the book. Both of my boys enjoyed this story and laughed throughout it. And the best thing? They went into their rooms to find some of their old picture books. That's a win for sure.

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Once Upon A Story blog

Bottom Line: It' so. much. fun.

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Sippy Cups and Prada Blog

As a parent, I want to enjoy the books I read to my children as much as they do. After all, I am one of the two people in this house who has to read these books over and over and over again. Second time was just as amusing as the first, i assure you. In fact, i'm going to go ahead and say I found this book to be hilarious.

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The Provo Library

I Hate Picture Books is an hilarious parody of popular classic children's books

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The Texas Library Lady blog

I highly recommend this book for all libraries. I would also recommend this book for any parent who has young children, especially the non-readers. I think this just might be the book to help them get started.

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Ms. Bibliophile blog

This is a fantastic book for kids of all ages, both those who are young enough to love their picture books and those who are old enough to "hate" them. It is a reminder that there is more to picture books than just a short story to keep a child entertained–instead, picture books are often a child's first foray into using their imagination, and that's important.

This is a book that will be read over and over again at my house. It is well-loved, and highly recommended by my son.

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