Funding School Author Visits
If you are hoping to bring Timothy Young or any author to your school for an author visit but are not sure if you can afford it, here is a list of grants and fundraising option. Tim is happy to work within a school's budget for his presentations and tries to keep his initial fees low. He also give special rates for visiting 2 or three schools in the same area on sucessive days. Give us a call and we can provide you with a precise estimate based on your needs.

The SCBWI Amber Brown Grant

ALA Maureen Hayes Award

Grant Wrangler

NEA Challenge America Grants

Schools cannot directly apply but may participate as partners in projects for which another eligible organization applies.


Local Arts Councils can also be a source of funding. Here are some examples.

States and Regional Arts Councils




Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a website that allows schools to crowd-fund a project. Whether it's a small classroom project or a school wide author assembly, you set up your project and the amount of money you are saking for. Local parents can the community can be directed to the site to donate but anyone, anywhere can also donate to you. I recommend that all schools have a project on Donor's Choose because every once in a while a celebrity like Stephen Colbert or businesses like Ripple or Huffington Post will fully fund projects on Donors Choose. Here is an article about a recent such funding under the hashtag #BestSchoolDay

Adopt A Classroom

Local Businesses, Business Councils, and Social Organizations such as Rotary, Elks or Kiwanis can also be a source of funding.

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